Published: October 3rd, 2015

Hi there again! I’m here and I’m supposed to write something important, and meaningfully earth-shattering. However, my AMAzing DMC writers have made sure they preceded my story with tremendously, impeccable literary work. It is a source of pride that I can say my writing probably can’t even compare to their perfect compositions or the extended research they conduct before proceeding to communicate their ideas.

So, I decided that today I was going to write about them, and what it feels like to be in my current leadership position.

  1. It is not what it looks like.

Before you get to see our final and sadly not yet perfect work, a lot of magical things happen behind the scenes. I’m directing all of my attention here to the Digital Media Content Committee. Not only are we leading a mini magazine and digital media department, we are learning to conduct operations as we go. We are honing our talent to perfection and readying our skills for the workforce. We are preparing and dedicating ourselves to be better a hundred percent of the time.

Even though what you might see is just a kid taking pictures in the background, if you even see him/her at all, or a very good written article about an event you previously attended; that is but a little piece of what we really do.

  1. The Planning

Honestly, it took me a while to figure out this part. When I started the blog and inherited the DMC committee I had little knowledge about what needed to be done. But, thanks to my somewhat relentless personality (or very annoying trait, as others would argue) I took a breath, got my sh*t together, and started strategizing. One of the first things I did as the head of the DMC was open a document and start listing objectives and strategies. Then I proceeded to ask DMC members what they wished to get out of the experience. This helped frame the purpose behind the DMC committee and gave us a route to follow. It started small, but after three semesters, ten more new AMAzing members, and a lot of planning and work, I can proudly say we have gotten to a very satisfying level.

At this point in time, every little detail of what happens in the DMC, from pictures, to articles, to events, is planned and scheduled. In my previous workshop about how to create and manage a blog, I explained the importance of having a content calendar. The same concept applies when you have a team of people looking up to you in order to do their jobs. You need to know what is happening at all times so that they can, likewise, have a directive to follow.

  1. The Dedication

It has always proven to surprise me how all DMC members become the most dedicated, passion driven people I know. They all attend AMA events, they become greatly involved, and they keep on making improvements along the way. The reason why I never conduct interviews for DMC members is that I deeply trust that once they begin doing the work they love, they will find a source of pride in it that will allow them to carry our committee to the next level. They have yet to let me down even once.

Most DMC members are also a part of an Roaring Concepts Team. Many of them, have also jobs or internships, not to mention school. Yet they still find the time to come together to brainstorm and create the wonderful job you all get to see. They abide by tight deadlines, and make time in their schedule to finalize what needs to be done. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

  1. The End Product

I’ve said it before, but what you get to see is very little of what actually happens. Let’s take an event article as an example. Weeks before the event itself, possibly in a brainstorming meeting, we discuss the advantages of attending the event and the angle we want to give to the story. We question whether it will tie into any of our strategies, or whether it will serve to expand a specific category. Then we proceed to assign two DMC members to the event according to their availability–one of them a writer, and the other a photographer. After the event, both members collaborate to put together an image enriched article before the given deadline. Article which is then edited and scheduled to be published. But that’s is definitely not the end of it. We all then take to social media to share and promote the blog, which is then by magical flare delivered to you.

After analyzing data and statistics about our views, our visitors, and what articles are getting the most attraction, we then proceed to make changes and develop our strategy.

FYI – This article was actually not planned, because from time to time I also enjoy the effect of the unpredictable. And because someone needed to put out there just how awesome the people creating AMAzing content for our chapter each and every day are. So here it is, not as perfect as my fellow writers’ posts, but truly and completely honest.

Leading a committee is not an easy task, but in my case, it is the most rewarding and pride-filled experience of my college career, and it’s all thanks to the members who look up to me and trust in my decisions.