Once again TEDxFIU was a great experience with a well-rounded speaker spreading their ideas.

It started off with the host of the night, Alberto Padron speaking about FIU’s great progress in expansion and highlighting that FIU is truly worlds ahead.

The first speaker, Dion von Moltke, American professional race car driver, spoke about his journey of never giving up and becoming the best that he could be. Giving up more time with his friends and spending more time in the gym and racing he managed to rise to the top. He highlighted that in his career there is a lot of competition and only the 1% can make this into a full career. He talked about his failures and about letting down his team, but also about getting back up and not giving up.

Nicole Ruggiano, Gerontologist and professor, specializes is health and long-term care policy, chronic care and supportive services for aging adults. She shed light on older people and how they are challenged with not being able to make their own decisions. She emphasized that older people should be given their own choices because they, more than anyone, make decisions based on what they have experienced and what those decisions personally mean to them. Making decisions should be based on the person’s past and own point of view. Older people should still have this right, after all, we will also one day be old and want to still make our own decisions.

Doug Jefferies, Hospitality major ’89, is an entrepreneur who had one of the most popular fitness and yoga center in Washington, D.C., STROGA. Today, he helps people in Haiti with his nonprofit organization Mission Results. He has opened community centers, built homes, a bakery, and established educational and recreational programs for children.

Charles Bleiker, a professor at a College of Education, has spent more than 20 years working with ethically diverse children in low income areas. He talked about how kids in preschool are fascinating creatures. He really emphasized that math problems should start at an early age. Together with his students he has worked on math programs by implementing games that teach young kids math. The results were astonishing improving test scores by 50%.

As a couple Brian Machovina ’91, MS ’94 and Eileen McHale 93′ spoke about their inspirational journey to making an eco-conscious world. The have invented a kitchen appliance that turns frozen fruit into a treat that looks and tastes like ice cream.

In all TEDxFIU is a great way for studnets to see what kind of ground breaking research is being done at FIU but also hear from inspirational FIU alumni who are part of our FIU society.

In the AMA we have a lot of inspirational stories and a lot of our members have an entrepreneurial mindset, we hope to have one of our very own present at TEDxFIU one day.