Published: November 26th, 2014


Here’s a throwback to one of our most epic marketing campaigns from this past summer!

The PostitMan was part of a guerrilla marketing campaign lead by the RC team this past summer. It was a very ingenious idea designed to increase interactivity and create a strong sense of branding within the FIU community.

It had two major appearances on campus that created enormous amount of buzz. At the first appearance, the PostitMan walked around campus, interacted with students, and even went home with writing all over his body. The goal was to have members of the FIU community wondering why there was a guy filled with post-its walking around, and to come ask. It worked!


The second appearance occurred at the 2014 Freshman Convocation as an AMA effort to break the barriers of traditional tabling and have an interactive, fun way of showing incoming freshmen what the American Marketing Association at FIU is all about.

The two hours of preparation were totally worth it, even when some unexpected complications showed along the way (PostitMan Tips: do not walk through breezeway with post-its on you; they will all fall off!). At the end of the day everyone had fun and the PostitMan had all the exposure it was designed for. The campaign efforts were captured by FIU Campus Life, Shop FIU, FIU Social Media, and Yes! We got compliments directly from President Rosenberg.


This time PostitMan took pictures with freshmen, talked with other organizations, and even danced. Only once his body was completely filled with notes by freshmen about their dreams for the upcoming four years, and almost every postit had either been taken  away or fallen off, he took his leave. For the day, he became an iconic source of pride for the AMA and the FIU Community welcoming new students for the Fall 2014 semester.

IMG_5051 15248365252_dccc26fdaa_o IMG_4999 IMG_4977

Overall, it was an AMAzing experience for all.