Published: November 1st, 2015

A personal brand is personal, but taking that brand to the next level depends upon the power of association. You may be asking, what do you mean by association? Today we will focus on three major dimensions; college, colleagues and company. It is these three aspects which will define you in the competitive job market in which we live.

College can be an exciting and remarkable experience. From in depth class lectures to social outings, your time at college can be a thrilling one. However, are you truly taking full advantage of all its opportunities? Take time to consider what student clubs and organizations may be relevant to your major of choice. Getting involved with an organization which shares your vision and ambitions can be a great way of getting hands on experience and networking. Actively searching and finding the right student organization and social network can be the imperative corner stone in building your personal brand.

A true colleague can be much be more than a co-worker, they can be a partner, collaborator and teammate. Networking through where you work or with fellow students who share your goals, values and ambitions can give you connections which can turn into irreplaceable relationships that can last a lifetime. There is certainly the benefit of future job opportunities because of who you know; but more than that it is giving yourself the opportunity to foster and connect with lasting friendships can be one of the greatest assets you take with you after college.

Pursuing the company you want to work for should start long before you graduate. Taking the time to align your personal brand and vision towards your ultimate dream job should be your central focus. Why put off applying for what you want till after you graduate? Follow up on possible internships or part time jobs in the company or business of choice even while pursuing your degree. Do you admire a certain industry and business sector? Why not look into how you can get your point of entry now. Don’t wait till later and become one of the many faceless applicants. Make your self-known and become a part of the industry you are heading towards now before the job applicant rush begins a week or month after graduation.

Associations will be your greatest assets you will have while moving forward in today’s competitive world. The three pillars of your associations are your college opportunities, your relationships with colleagues and your company of choice. “There’s a tendency among graduates to think that the piece of paper they hold in their hands once they leave university will catapult them into the higher echelons of industry”. Preparing yourself for the job of your dreams does not start the moment you put on grab your diploma and pose for that graduation picture. This process and plan should start months, perhaps even years before then. Perfecting your personal branding skills gives you the opportunity to create, innovate and build your network. Your brand can begin and start today.