written by: Kelly Fung, Roaring Concepts Director


“Why did you join AMA?”


Honestly? For extra credit (thanks, Prof. B).  

I ended up not needing it, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. And as time would tell, I got a lot more out of it than an extra 1% added to my final grade.

It wasn’t until my senior year that I decided to attend my first AMA general meeting. I found myself in a situation where I focused too much on my studies and not enough on building my skill set and gaining experience. Sound familiar? (If not, then kudos to you). I knew I wanted to learn how to conduct market research, so I applied to Roaring Concepts (RC)– our marketing agency to which I am now a Co-Director of, with Alex and Nycko.

Words that described me were quiet, reserved, and risk-averse. The first semester at AMA (and the ones to come) has shaped me both professionally and personally; It all started with me being proactive and saying “yes” to things that I normally said “no” to. Although I was pretty bummed that I didn’t get placed in one of my preferred RC projects, I decided to stick with it as long as I still got to learn market research. A number of things I did to put myself out there included:

  • Dedicating time to attend the Qualtrics Overtime without anyone suggesting I should go, to which my team was later informed they should have went
  • Being the most involved and most invested (even more than the team leader) in the project
  • Participating in the AMA T-Shirt Competition and the Social Media Competition at the AMA Regional Conference– and won both.

By the end of my first semester, I made the ultimate push by applying to be a Junior Account Executive for RC. Upon acceptance, I extended my time at FIU by double majoring in Marketing and Human Resources Management. Now, you may wonder…

“What made you stay with AMA?”

Better reasons. And here’s the gist of them:

  • To give back to an organization that had given me so much
  • The progress I made, and will continue to make, both professionally and personally
  • My experiences aided in self-discovery which helped me identify my strengths/weaknesses
  • Opportunity to befriend and work with people who were equally (oftentimes more) passionate and dedicated as I was
  • Exposure to the diversity of thought and unique assets each individual brought to a team
  • The prospect of becoming Director, a more elevated leadership role than any I’ve ever held, which was daunting and exciting all at once
  • I found my dream team (S/O to Alex and Nycko) ❤️

That ended up being a little more than a gist, but that’s how big of an impact AMA has made in my college career– and how much I hope it will make in yours. But this was very much a two-way street: every time AMA presented an opportunity, I had to grab it by its balls seize it by being more outspoken, bold, and taking calculated risks (what I wasn’t, but strived to be). Every new role presented new challenges and had higher demands, which fostered my growth by helping me overcome my own labels and not let who I was keep defining who I was going to be. So when the opportunity for growth comes– don’t miss it.