Published: October 29th, 2015

Last week, I met with Luis Nieves, a Co-Director for Roaring Concepts, our very own student-led marketing agency. He became a member of the AMA during the Fall 2014 semester. In the spring of 2015 he was named Junior Account Director and now he is here.

Besides Roaring Concepts, Nieves works for a furniture company, and says they are completely different jobs. Though he finds working for Roaring Concepts very professionally rewarding.

“With RC in particular, we give opportunity for students, members and e-members alike, to get the experience they need before going out there and finding a job, or even finding an internship because now a days internships ask for experience and also we get to work with young people with different people, creative minds,” he says.

Though—and I’m sure every RC member can agree—there are some disadvantages working for a startup like Roaring Concepts, “we don’t have the resources that other start ups may have,” says Nieves, “for example we don’t have resources to record a video and put it on TV for a commercial for an ad campaign.”

It is tough working with limited resources and another disadvantage is our limited credibility, Nieves tells us. “I also find that since were all in the same age group sometimes we are not taken as serious as someone who perhaps is paid and have more to lose.”

Despite the disadvantages that Roaring Concepts has to deal with, the experience is nevertheless extremely rewarding. Nieves says, as a regular member when he joined Roaring Concepts in 2014, he learned the true meaning of teamwork.

“I learned how to work in a team and I got a glimpse of agency life. Sometimes we stay ‘til around midnight doing work on these projects.”

As a director, Nieves learned a different aspect of ‘agency life’—leadership. He says in a director’s position it can be very hard to lead.

“Directing doesn’t just mean to tell them what to do, but also motivate them, educate them and encourage them to do better and keep their minds open and to be creative.”

Nieves is currently directing several Roaring Concept projects and is learning everyday how to work as both a leader and a team player.