Published: November 12th, 2015

FIU’s American Marketing Association (AMA) provides various excellent opportunities for the students of FIU interested in marketing, advertising, and business. One of the unique opportunities FIU’s AMA chapter equips its students with is Roaring Concepts. Essentially, RC is an in-house marketing start-up that connects participating students with companies to develop the company’s marketing campaign and strategy.

We caught up with one of this semester’s RC Co-Directors, Annie Cheong, to explain the in’s and out’s of RC and what exactly it encompasses. Let’s see what she had to say!

What benefit do you find in working for a start-up like RC?

I think what’s great is we’re able to make our own decisions and rules. There isn’t already a set standard we must follow and can’t change. It’s very rewarding knowing that we can shape the foundation of the agency. Also, there’s a lot of opportunity to grow and expand.

What disadvantages do you find in a start-up like RC?

The disadvantages/challenges we have are that everything is up to us. Even though this can be a good thing, it’s scary at times because there’s a lot of uncertainty and you can only hope you’re making the right decisions.

How long have you been in RC?

I started as a regular member in Fall 2014. Then became a junior account coordinator during Spring 2015 so I got to manage my own team. And now I’m a director.

What did you learn as a member?

When I was a member, I worked on a project for a start-up company so we did a lot of market research. I learned a lot about creating surveys, conducting focus groups, gathering market research, and putting together all our findings. Aside from the work, I learned the importance of communicating and working together with your team members and team leader.

What did you learn as a team leader/director?

What I learned from leading a team and being director is that it’s challenging to manage a team. As a leader, I always have to find ways to motivate our members or they lose interest and stop doing their work. Also, I have to be clear on what I expect not just from the team, but from each member too to ensure that project goals and objectives are being met.

As you can see, RC can truly help develop your skills and tools for the eccentric business world after college. Annie gives great insight into what marketing and business skills RC helped her develop, what she likes about the RC concept, and the hardships one can find in it.

If you’re even just a little interested in RC, don’t hesitate on joining next semester. It really is a unique experience and a lot of fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself climbing the ranks like Annie and become director one day! AMA at FIU has plenty to offer, and RC is one of the rare gems you can find in it.