Published: November 2nd, 2015

Roaring Concepts is a student run start-up marketing firm which is challenging the conventional thought of preparing students for the marketing industry. In this post I wanted to give a closer look at what it is that makes RC so revolutionary, in its approach. Most reports about start-ups may offer general tips and advice, but in this post I wanted to get down into the raw experience of one RC’s marketing teams. I have taken the major questions from an interview of one of RC’s team leaders, the answers are in its entirety. Gus who is the leader of RC’s Laserland & Adventure team, laid out in this interview the real story of what it’s like to lead a group of young and aspiring students like himself in marketing projects. He explains everything about working for RC from the benefits, to the challenges and also talks about this new found leadership experience. Gus has laid out for us the raw, the real, and unedited experiences of leading one of RC’s marketing teams.

Question: What benefit do you find in working for a start-up like RC?

Gus: I think it’s a great way to establish a base for future marketing jobs that will require the same, if not more, expertise. I consider the RC projects practice for what’s to come in my future as a marketer.

This answer truly elaborates the heart and soul of roaring concepts. Roaring Concepts is about preparing aspiring students for the future today. While some internships may end up becoming glorified coffee runs, or joining a related student club may end up being more of a social gathering, RC truly fosters growth in young marketers in building their own foundation before heading to a PR/Marketing firm or business. RC is principled in providing the opportunity in building a strong foundation in marketing before graduation.

Question: What disadvantages do you find in a start-up like RC?

Gus: The only true downside, is the pressure of starting from scratch and work with someone you’ve recently met. It’s a challenge to tackle the expectations and objectives set out by the company’s manager.

The challenge in any marketing project are the beginning stages. Like any new marketing projects, there is the burden of wanting to provide excellence. The struggle of bridging the gap between the demands of the client and applying effective marketing is not an easy road. Nonetheless RC gives the opportunity for students to build their confidence for future marketing projects by giving a taste of authentic situations. This allows RC team members to expand their first-hand knowledge and get real genuine experience.

Question: What did you learn as a team leader/director?

Gus: I’ve learned the importance of maintaining an organized and orderly process. It’s hard to plan and schedule events between seven college students, some of whom are currently employed. It’s the small details I’ve learned, that have made this experience so valuable.

One of the major principles of Roaring Concepts is building leaders. From sustaining a team of marketers, to the juggling of schedules, to the creativity and innovation of what a company manager wants, these are just some of the many challenges a director might face. RC is bridging the gap between aspiring students to their local business community. The value and worth of fostering leadership is nothing less than priceless.

This post wants to thank Gus for his in-depth answers in how it is to run a marketing team of motivated students. Roaring Concepts is not your typical start-up marketing firm, but rather a new and innovative approach in building the next generation of marketers. This interview laid out the benefits, the challenges and the authentic leadership experience in leading an RC marketing team. I personally do not consider RC just a student club, but rather it is a movement which is changing the way marketers are preparing for their lifelong careers.