Things to keep in mind after tonight’s First General Meeting:

Digital MediaDigital Media Committee (DMC)

The DMC is in charge of creating content for the AMA. There are three sub-committees: Blog, Social Media, Photography/Videography. We also help out Roaring Concepts and the Community and Social Impact teams with their events.  Click the link to access the DMC application. It will also be sent Thursday, Sept. 1st, at noon. The application is due Tuesday, Sept. 6th, at 7pm. 

An introductory workshop will be held this Saturday, Sept. 3rd, at 11am in GC 314. Anyone who is a paid member is welcome to join us! If you’re interested in joining the DMC it is highly suggested that you attend the workshop. This workshop will cover Social Media and Photography/Videography. 

Email Claudia:


Comm-and-SocialCommunity and Social Impact (CSI)

If you’re interested in joining the Community and Social Impact committee please email Karley or Danny no later than Sunday at noon. An information meeting regarding CSI will be sent Sunday night. CSI’s first meeting will be held next Wednesday, Sept.7th, at 7pm prior to the AMA General Meeting.

Email Karley or Danny: |


Mentorship-ProgramMentorship Program

The mentorship program is designed to help AMA members network and learn the importance of making lasting connections. The program consists of a series of 5 events throughout the semester where  participants will learn professional development skills and where they will make connections with their mentors.

If you would like to be a part of the mentorship program, please email saying you would like to participate. There will be more information regarding the program at the next general meeting.