I was recently impressed by BMW when they took me on a test drive in their new BMW i3… while I was at a concert! This quickly led to a curiosity in experiential marketing. I became interested in the creative and innovative ways that companies use their brand to create an experience for their audiences.

So I decided to look all over the web for the best experiential campaigns out there and list them on the blog! I’ll be creating a little series focusing on each campaign and what exactly makes them so awesome!

I’ll start with T-Mobile. T-Mobile got Saatchi & Saatchi UK team up with Rovio to create an astonishing marketing campaign back in 2011 featuring the popular mobile game Angry Birds.

What did they do?

They created a real life version of the game in a public street in Barcelona. The installation contained 3 main parts: a digital slingshot, a real life Angry Birds setup and a phone booth holding a T-Mobile iPhone. Players would go up to the iPhone to play a round of Angry Birds; their every move was synchronized to the life-sized replica of the game, so when a player would launch a bird into the blocks through the mobile device, the same thing would happen in person right before their eyes. Players were literally playing a real life version of Angry Birds.

Why was this so successful?

Saatchi & Saatchi UK and Rovio were successful because they kept the magic of the game alive. Not only through a wonderful real life interpretation of the game, but by allowing the audience to participate with it. The feature of participation is what defines experiential marketing. The element of surprise and excitement that the crowd gets to witness is what they will remember about this campaign. They will never forget the amazing experience T-Mobile gave them—and that’s what its all about.

Check out their campaign below: