Published: October 16th, 2015

BMW i3 Interior
BMW i3 Interior

This past weekend, I attended an arts, music and technology festival called III Points located in the heart of Wynwood. It was an amazing event, very well organized and had many interactive activities including photo booths, art installations and food and drink stands. The best part was the amazing talent I got to see. But there was definitely one particular thing that caught my attention besides watching some of my favorite artists live.

So the venue was half outdoors, half indoors. There was a little section in the corner in-doors that was covered up by built-in walls with an entrance. At the entrance, stood two girls with iPads and they were signing people in to go inside. This intrigued me; but, then I started listening and I heard what sounded like cars speeding. It sounded like they were filming the next Fast and Furious sequel. So I thought, “Cool, let me check it out.” I signed in; I even had to show them my license. They didn’t even explain what was going to happen, and for some reason I didn’t even ask. Once I was in, I could finally see what was happening.

It was the new BMW model, BMW i3, taking laps around in tight circles, making “donuts.” There was a line for people to proceed to go inside a car. I was pretty scared when I realized I was getting into that. It was finally my turn and when I got in with my boyfriend, the driver introduced himself and briefly told us about the car, telling us how the tires were the best tires out there. Then he started picking up speed. He started going around in circles with the car, drifting all over the place. All the windows were down so my hair was all over my face. We started “woo-ing” because it just felt like an amusement ride at that point. Nonetheless, it was great. I got out of the car really excited about what had just happened. I left the little room with a fun attitude and the first thing that came to my head was, “That was some good marketing.” Good job BMW.

Later on, this got me thinking about brands and how creative their marketing campaigns can be. There is an art in marketing. The art of leaving an impression, of grabbing your consumer by the hand and taking him or her on a ride in your newest BMW model while making donuts at a music and arts festival. This is what experiential marketing is all about, and BMW could not have done it any better. What an awesome idea. I might not remember what the driver said about the tires or the car, but I definitely remember the experience. And isn’t that just as important?

I can’t wait to see what other campaigns brands have up their sleeve.