written by: Peterson Simon, Creative Director


Creativity is not exclusive; it is not for the select few who choose to embrace it. The power to create and imagine is a gift given to us all. Since you were young, you had the ability to create amazing things. You had the power to conceive amazing scenarios and situations. Creativity itself is not art. Creativity is the ability to come up with new and useful ideas, which is not exclusive to the expressive medium we call Art.

See you were once a beautiful child filled with the most abundant wonders of the world. You never thought about the word “creative”, or ever believing it was out of your reach. You allowed your wide eye imagination to take you down unbelievable paths and areas. The word “impossible” did not mean anything to you, if you could imagine it that was all you needed. Something happen though, it happens to all of us to be honest. We are confronted by this thing we call Logic. Humans need logic to survive, through logic we are able to understand what is physically possible through the rules that govern our universe. It does not mean things are impossible, just that we have rules.

People allow themselves to be fooled by the belief that if it is not art, then creativity does not exist. Wrong my friends, creativity lies throughout all faculties of life. I know what you are saying right now, “You speak some nice words there, but where is your proof?” Let us observe the realm of business. Entrepreneurs are a great example of creativity. To come up with a company focused on a product that would satisfy the needs of a consumer base takes a degree of creativity. Coming up with strategies, discovering new ways to handle financial information, and cultivating sales pitch all involve creativity.

Developing the rocket, creating the different forms of transportation, coming up with scenarios to how someone could have done a crime, and developing new laws are all magnificent examples of creativity. Don’t limit yourself to the simple ways of doing things. The world is full of possibilities; the only reason you no longer see them is because you started limiting yourself as you grew.  Look to that inner child that once held presence, with all you have seen come to flurry in this millennium, now more than ever before, let your creative live. Find your niche, nothing is impossible, simply pending.