By: Simone Garvey-Ewan


Florida International University’s very own National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (FIU NAACP) deserves every single round of applause they can receive for their “Misrepresentation of Colored People” event on September 25th. Though the crowd should’ve been larger (I suppose everyone was afraid of missing Scandal’s return), the event was still worthwhile and very refreshing. To see my peers discuss such complex issues with so much passion gave me chills for the entire hour and a half I was there.

The topic I found most interesting and the one that really set off a bright lightbulb surrounded the #IfTheyGunnedMeDown hashtag that recently went viral. Thousands of social media junkies created Pic Stitches of two polar opposite pictures of themselves. For example, one image may have been of their sophisticated Linkedin picture while the other showed them getting “turnt up” the other night. What was discussed was that in the case of a tragedy, which picture would be shown of a minority victim if they were gunned down? Is it a picture of him/her in their graduation gown or is it a picture of him/her at a party? Is the victim giving kisses to his/her son or are they smiling while aiming a gun towards the camera? What was concluded is that most times, the latter is the chosen one because it tends to bring in more ratings. Sadly, when higher ratings means more advertising and more money for a business, there’s no time to scavenge for a picture that depicts a victim’s best attributes. I truly thank the FIU NAACP for hosting such an enlightening event. Though I missed Scandal because I attended the event and had homework, the knowledge that I received was so empowering which made it all so worth it.

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