Published: February 8th, 2015

Today’s workforce has become a very competitive place for recent graduates to enter. With the increase in college graduates and decrease in job positions the mission of finding a job in your graduating field is becoming more and more of a challenge with every day that passes.

So with the thousands of graduates that enter the workforce every semester we have to ask ourselves “How do we stand out?” Most of us are still trying to find out what area of our field we want to work in, so in a 10-minute interview how are we supposed convince them that we are the one for the job? One of the things that many employers look for is a “surprise factor.”


They know you have your degree, they know you have a good GPA, that you participated in clubs and organizations, but so what? What separates you from the other graduates that have a degree, a GPA, and clubs under their belt? This is what’s going to grab your interviewers attention and is going to make them stop and look twice when they’re skimming through your resume. And while this may seem a bit cliché, something that will separate you from other is simply who you are.

If you have no idea what I mean by this, something as simple as a personality quiz can help you identify things about yourself that you can use to your advantage. Once you’ve been able to identify these characteristics, be confident about them! Lack of confidence is one of the biggest things that employers hate to see at an interview. Even if in your work you are optimistic, if all an interviewer sees in you is pessimism they will associate this characteristic with your everyday life, and no one wants a pessimistic employee.


But whatever your “surprise factor” may be, make it stand out. Don’t be afraid to let your interviewer know who you are or how far you want to go in your career. Showing them that you have a plan or vision for your future let’s them know that you will do well in your work and are a good candidate for the position.

With the FIU Career Fair on Monday February 9th, use some of these tips and the following links to prepare yourself to meet employers. You will only have a few minutes to get the recruiter to take a second look at your resume, so let us know if any of these tips helped you stand out by tagging #AMAzeThem and letting us know how AMAzing you did!

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