Published: September 21st, 2015

FIU’s Annual Resumania is tomorrow and if you’re not already considering your attendance, you may want to change your mind. Resumania is an event where hiring managers from various industries review your resume and offer tips as to what they look for in their applicants. These pointers will help you build a stand-out resume that will leave you Career Fair ready and soon-to-be employed.

Now that I’ve sold you on attending this fabulous event, what do you absolutely need in order to make your appearance at Resumania a productive one?

resumania checklist fall 2015

  • Dress for success. I can’t stress enough how important fashion is in business. If you think no one will notice the rip in your stockings or that your belt doesn’t particularly match your shoes, I hate to break it to you: people notice what you wear. You don’t need to rock a Rolex or a Fendi ascot- after all, we are trying to land jobs. Note: This is not an excuse to dress like a slob. This is a potential employer you’re speaking to and a first impression is a lasting one. Go for sleek and simple, you’ll never go wrong.
  • Print multiple resumes. There will be multiple professionals offering their opinions toward your current resume. If you don’t have one, make one. Even if it isn’t the best, their job is to help you build it up; this means they need something to build up from. Having numerous copies allows you to receive review from several individuals without having a thousand scribbles on one sheet. How confusing would that get? (Very.)
  • Take a pen, or two. “Why, Lissy? There will be pens there. This is a university. They will be prepared.” Or so you hope. Better safe than sorry. Successful individuals in any field of study are always prepared. Be ahead of the game and carry a pen. I promise you won’t even feel the extra ounce of weight. If someone walks away with the employer’s pen, you have a back-up ready for him or her. It shows professionalism, and isn’t that what this event is all about?
  • Provide a Brag Sheet. Again, print multiple. Basically, a brag sheet is a list of your accomplishments that are somewhat older, you’re unsure they belong on a resume, or simply might not be applicable to which ever job you’ll submit this resume for. Having a Brag Sheet helps the person reviewing your resume a lot. It saves time (and saliva) from having to ask what your roles were in your previous job, what courses you’ve taken, what certifications you have, and all that good stuff. Plus, you can use this sheet to keep track of everything you’re proud of- no matter how simple (i.e., two raises in one year, or Microsoft certifications).


Pat yourself on the back. You’re officially Resumania Ready! Don’t get discouraged if the professionals reviewing your resume say your resume falls somewhat short. All feedback is helpful. Resumania is a learning experience. Be open to the constructive criticism and get ready, because your resume is about to get some tough love.