Published: September 18th, 2015

Yesterday night, September 17th, the AMA had its Marketing Analytics and Excel workshop. It was taught and hosted by AMA’s Chapter President Franco Aquino. The Excel portion of the workshop ran from some of the basics of the software, like how to input information and make a graph, to more complex techniques, like splitting one column of data into two or finding information via VLOOKUP. At the end of this portion students had a chance to ask about anything else they wanted to learn about Excel, and Franco was more than happy to show them.


The second portion of the workshop revolved around the importance of keeping track of marketing analytics. Talking about progress is very easy in the abstract, but when you pay attention and quantify your success, it becomes much easier to express to others and to plan around. Saying “we’re looking at a 2 percent increase in sales next quarter” is much more helpful than saying, “things should go better.” This applies to any project we work on, be it a year-long campaign or a single event. It’s also a good idea for us as young professionals looking to make our way in the world. If you can show rather than tell you’re potential employer why you are the best candidate for the position, you’ve not only demonstrated your quality work, you’ve shown you think in the way they’re looking for.

marketing-analytics-and-excel-workshop          marketing-analytics-and-excel-workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop! Next week we will be having another AMA Overtime and if you’d like to stay updated on what the workshop will consist of keep a look out on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!