Published: October 4th, 2015

I joined the AMA for the first time this semester. I found out about it through my Intro to Marketing class that pertains to my minor. Unlike many people in the AMA who are studying either marketing or any other business major, I’m studying Digital Media.

I’m a senior in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and being in a room full of Business students is a funny feeling sometimes. Everyone seems to know what a SWOT analysis is without thinking about it. But this is great. I’m learning about a completely different field, getting completely different perspectives. Marketing sells a product, while Journalism sells a story; and these two notions can be very interrelated, I learned.

To be more specific, my track is Digital Media and I am concentrating in Social Media and E-marketing Analytics, hence why I’m in an Intro to Marketing class. Digital Media is the study of media theory, public opinion and analytics in the ever-changing world of digital communications. In my major, I take classes such as Audience Analysis, Globalized Media and Social Media & Globalization just to name a few. Throughout my journey to learn all the theories of the digital media world, I realized a good skill to accompany this would be marketing. I am already analyzing the masses in a cultural sense, why not jump to the opposite side of the spectrum and learn the business side of mass audiences?

In my junior year, I took a Principles of Advertising class and quickly learned how the line between communications and marketing is pretty thin, and that is when I decided to minor in marketing. Being in AMA is a fun experience because I get to bring all my knowledge of digital media, whether it be social media, multimedia or just research on audiences (or in our case, consumers) and apply it to the world of marketing. I view digital media as a tool for marketing. Knowing how to work in different channels of media and knowing about the users in these channels is an interesting perspective to view marketing from.

An amazing opportunity I have gotten to experience through AMA is joining Roaring Concepts, our very own marketing firm. We get to work with a real world client who expects us to build and distribute a marketing strategy for their company. This is my very first marketing project, and being so new to the field, things can get pretty tricky for me. Like being in my group the first day of our projects and having to Google what SWOT stands for. Or learning how crucial it is to organize ourselves and create a Situation Analysis before anything. I’m learning so much as I go, working on this project. There really is no better way to learn something than to do it hands on.

Being in a club that doesn’t pertain to my major is a great experience; I encourage all my friends and colleagues to try it out. Choose a topic outside of your major that might interest you, and join a club that has to do with it! It’s the best way to network and gain insight in the field and definitely expands your potential!