Published: August 31th, 2015

Hi all! We have just been notified of an AMAzing opportunity. You can now sign up for a Marketing Study Abroad program during Winter Break 2015 (Dec 11 – 21, 2015) going to Marrakech, Morocco; Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).  You are required to take MAR 4933 as part of the program, but you can also take MAR 4231: Retail Marketing (for Spring 2016) — online or in person.  This would be a guaranteed way to get into the class.  On the trip, you will be visiting many corporate and retailers to learn about the differences between countries.  Plus, you’ll be going to many cultural sites to learn about each country.  It’s going to be an AMAZING trip.


If you need more information, please email Professor Tim Birrittella at


Flyer - Use this for Spain and Morocco FINAL 1