Published: November 30th, 2015

On November 13th, Florida International University hosted the annual Florida AMA Regional Conference. Students from all around the nation attended our event, traveling from areas such as Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois and Puerto Rico. Filled with excitement, competition, learning, and networking all day, FIU was booming with energy. Beginning sharply at 8am and going all the way until 5pm, the conference was jam-packed with speakers, employers, start-ups, and eager students ready to absorb the day’s events.

The first event was the AMAFIU marketing strategy competition held for attendees. Participants were asked to create a campaign strategy on how to sell and increase awareness for Azulle’s new product during the Holiday season. Students from six different universities competed against each other, presenting in front of the Azulle founder and a panel of judges consisting of marketing professionals and FIU Alumni. After all was said and done, Aurora University took first place in the competition, while University of South Florida took second place.

Furthermore, the conference presented several guest companies and speakers with an abundance of knowledge, advice, and tips to excel as future marketers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs!

One of the companies that presented was Court Buddy. Court Buddy is a “new and innovative way to get matched with attorneys who can appear in court for you or handle your other legal needs. Court Buddy offers a-la-carte legal services at flat rates.” Their co-founders highlighted the company’s backstory in their presentation and showed attendees that while there will be struggles when starting a company, it’s important to always keep persevering and moving forward. During their lecture, students learned about the hardships, the obstacles, the progression, and the prosperity that come with a new start-up business. The team behind Court Buddy dispensed tons of information and experience on how they garnered brand awareness and acquired new users and customers. Safe to say an hour wasn’t enough for students, as they wanted more information and tips.

AMAFIU also held a career expo with companies such as Yelp, ADP, Costa Farms, and more. Additionally, in order to provide participants an extra chance at making an impression, AMAFIU held an employer-student activity: Business Trivia. This quiz game consisted of questions about marketing, major brands, and the AMA organization itself. Students were separated into three groups, with each group consisting of a variety of schools and employers.

Another one of our speakers, Jeffrey Sass, Chief Marketing Officer at .CLUB Domains, came ready to show the students that the domain of a website is just as important as the content the website holds. Offering every extension from .business to .marketing, or even .club, domains give you the opportunity to be original and creative, putting your business a step ahead of the rest. He also highlighted how big brands and even celebrities are also taking advantage of this opportunity. Demi Lovato, for example, created as a fansite so her fans could stay updated about future concerts and events. It’s simple and straight to the point. The days of creating a website with a .com domain are history. Using domains like .club will not only help your site be remembered more easily, but will allow you to gain better search ranking since not only does your business name in the domain rank organically, but as does the domain extension; e.g.: “club”.

Furthermore, the conference also offered a short workshops by 4Geeks Academy and Lawrence Giles from FarFromBoring Promotions. The 4Geeks Academy coding workshop consisted of simple logic games in order to introduce coding to the attendees. For many, this was the first attempt to coding, which made the workshop that much more successful. Mr. Giles, discussed how to create a marketing strategy plan for a new business and went so far as to provide details on his story and his experience.

As the event drew to a close, Azulle introduced their Quantum Access product: an extremely portable device that brings the Windows operating system to your fingertips by connecting into any HDMI enabled display. This demonstration provided an opportunity for participants to learn more about the product that was being referenced in the marketing strategy competition.

Following Azulle, our keynote speaker, Rodolfo Saccoman from AdMobilize, shared his story about how he began in Corporate America, then set a deal in the first season of Shark Tank, to later establishing a tech company. His startup has seen the success of many products and is now in the midst of generating awareness for MATRIX, a new device that helps app developers create Internet of Things apps with as little as seven lines of code. Rodolfo encouraged our attendees to take risks and find what it is that they really want to do down the road.

You can now see all of the pictures from our Regional Conference through our Flickr Page.

A big THANKS to our sponsors, judges, recruiters, guest speakers, and attendees for making the event a success.