Written by: Akram Hossain, Alexis Rivera, Daniel Acosta, Fritz-Alain Moise, and Jonathan David Perez
Photo Credits: Esteban Orozco, Kevin Paredes, Matt Pinheiro, Samara Rabassa, Sebastian Villa

Have you ever found yourself on campus, after class, not knowing what to do with yourself? You’ve just finished class and maybe you have four hours until your next one or maybe you walked through your closet and somehow just ended up stranded on campus. Regardless of your circumstance, the matter of the fact is that you’re bored. Well, to your rescue, here are 10 things you could do while you’re on campus bored out of your mind!

1. The Nature Preserve

Instead of wandering aimlessly around campus, let’s take a stroll down to the nature preserve and feel what the Earth has to offer right here on campus! The nature preserve is located on the west side of Parkview Hall near the Wellness and Recreation Center. And there you can find Florida’s great Wilderness and be one with nature as you feel the soft earth beneath your feet. Upon treading the meandering path, you’ll end up at the Garden where you can enjoy the plants FIU students have planted. So, wait no more, enjoy a great day out at the Nature Preserve.

2. Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum

Have you ever woken up with the need to be cultured? If so, this is the spot for you. If not, well, one day you will wake up with said need and when that day comes this place will be here waiting for you! On FIU’s main campus there is an elegant museum, the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum. Fortunately, this elegant museum is free for all students! With new exhibits every so often, the Frost Art museum serves to educate and enrich the lives of those who visit, but a greater purpose that this museum may unknowingly serve is the endless amount of first dates anyone can take here without having to even pay a single dime!

Click here for more info!

3. SPC Movie Nights

One of FIU’s best kept secret, the Student Programming Council (SPC) hosts a weekly movie night on Friday’s. From classics to new releases, you can watch free movies on campus, and even better, you can watch the movies with a side of free popcorn! These movie nights take place at GC on Friday evenings, but to be even more exact as to location and timing, be sure to follow FIU’s SPC Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/fiuspc/.

4. The Game Room

Inside the Graham Center on FIU’s main campus there is its very own game room, a recreational resource for students to spend their downtime from their busy schedules .
The Game Room itself has hundreds of activities to do inside especially if you have a group of friends and some cash. Inside the game room you can:
1. Shoot pool with the most well kept tables on campus
2. Test your skills in ping pong in the most competitive side of FIU you will ever see. Thr ping pong room guarantees adrenaline filled back and forth battles that will last hours throughout the week
3. Choose from hundreds of videos games to pass the time, including but not limited to the most famous party game on campus – Super Smash Bros
4. Play some board games for free with friends or maybe socialize and play with someone in the game room

5. Healthy Living

That definitely got your attention, didn’t it? Let’s face it, you’re stressed from school and looking to improve your health in every aspect. The Healthy Living Program provides students with a wide range of opportunities to enhance their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Services include: massages, acupuncture, aromatherapy and various consultations such as sleep hygiene, sexual health, nutrition education and many more.

The perks of being an FIU student is that all of these services are FREE of charge!

So what are you waiting for?! Make your way to the Healthy Living Program as soon as possible to discover and learn more about the useful consultations that are available. The Healthy Living Program is located in the Student Health Center at the MMC campus in SHS & WUC 307 at the BBC campus.

More information can be found here.

PS: “The early bird gets the worm”, schedule your appointments early before they are all booked because spots do go quick!

6. Wellness and Recreation Center

You have some free time on your hands. That seems to be a problem. Here’s a solution. Go to the FIU Gym and get a workout in! Make some gains! From racquetball courts to free fitness classes, the Wellness and Recreation Center has it all! The top of the line center has recently been renovated, so it is even better!

Don’t sit around letting your body go to waste. Head over to the gym and sculpt your summer body. Best part of it all, you can get the body you want for free! What are you waiting for? You should’ve left when you read the heading!

Recreation centers can be found at both MMC and BBC, click here to find out more.

7. Read

Every corner of FIU is filled with comfortable, relaxing, and secluded areas where many students can sit down and dive into a good book. Areas such as the clean hills around campus if you are trying to get in touch with mother nature in between classes. FIU’s very own Green Library is filled with very comfortable chairs which would seem like the most logical place to read a book, but seems a little basic as well.. Other buildings that have very comfortable seating areas include PG6, upstairs in SIPA, any of the AHC buildings since they are newer and more spacious, the back room of PG5 behind Moe’s. Einstein bros also provides a calm coffee shop vibe that will provide a good head space for a nice read. These are some of the best spots on campus to take advantage of getting lost in a good book.

8. Food

For anyone visiting FIU for the first time, they are typically amazed at the amount of food options our campus has to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for Cuban or Asian food, FIU has a great variety of places to dine at. Students are able to indulge in cuisines influenced by different parts of the world. FIU dining options include restaurants such as Chili’s, Chick-fil-A, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Panda Express and many more that can be found on the dining link below. So the next time you are sitting around hungry while studying or not doing anything at all, try something new at one of the many dining options on campus!

To find out more about FIU Dining click here.


9. Meet People

If you ever find yourself on campus not doing much, fear not, theres a strong chance, the next student you bump into is in the same situation. Take your time, talk to a stranger. College is about making friends right? In our case, Strangers are students and students are friends you haven’t met yet. You never know what might come out of it.

If you are a little shy and don’t want to risk your life and pride opening up to people, grab your phone, open a group chat, and type this following sequence, “I’m on campus, who’s down to chill?” There is a strong possibility someone will be down to chill and will be willing to meet up to kill time together. So get to it and make new friends!


10. DO Homework!

Last but not least, you have way to much time on your hands, take a minute, get some work done. You have have time to kill, so kill those homework. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you knocked out a month’s homework in one day?
We all know how it feels to have the homework lurking in the shadows, waiting for our next move. It’s time we stop letting homework get the best of us. Finish them off!